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FRENCH WORDS Random sentences & mundane words.

The very concept that French is the language of love intrigues me.

What about all those random sentences and mundane words. Do they sound better in French too?!
I understand the origins, and perhaps the pronunciations require you to pucker up a little, its a lippy language. Even the nasal vowels sound nice.
Everyone knows ‘je t’aime’ or ‘amour’, but what about ‘toner la pelouse’ (mow the lawn) or ‘il y a quelque chose dans cos dents’ (there is something in your teeth).
I speak and read very little French, but I think that there is something in the translation. Something that makes the random sentences and mundane words take on the possibility that it might be romantic. Or, at the very least, more interesting than it actually is.
  • Original gouache on paper illustrations transferred to embroidered typography on linen.
  • More details to come soon
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia
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