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A strategic marketing campaign to specifically target its B2B Library market, I developed strategy and creative direction, informed by the end users age segments as the guide for colourful and bold reference.
SBL requested contemporary imagery be developed which could be applied to collateral and help them transition from its current illustrative only communications.
Instead of recommending SBL develop imagery only and leave the illustration behind, illustrations were incorporated into the solution, ensuring the existing SBL identity was not lost entirely.
Working with a service, which is delivered via device, is a challenging psychological space. SBL service uses devices for good, not evil, so we set about ensuring the images embodied engaged learning.
To ensure the investment to establish high quality imagery is successful, the creative direction, and onset art direction and styling was kept minimal. With longevity and multi purpose usage in mind,
Photographer: Shannon Morris
Illustrator: Gus Gordon
Services Provided: Strategic Marketing & Positioning; Creative Direction; Art Direction; Styling; Production Management, &; Design & Artwork.
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