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Winning Losers Project & The Forum of Failure

From the anticipation of the Rio Olympics, when we’ll be focusing our attention & obsession on who is winning, to the daily distraction of everyone else’s amazing social media feed featuring the best part of their lives, I want to shift the focus to losing. The lame fails. The monumentally medicore & disappointingly crap attempts at life. I want to feature those of us who are brave enough to try, but fail in the societal sense of the word, & show everyone that they’ve embraced their vunerabilities which are no longer their weaknesses.

Each Friday afternoon at 5pm, via @winning_losers_project a new profile will feature & discuss their failure & the lesson/s learned by answering two questions for me:

1. What was a memorable fail?

2. What lesson/s did you learn?

Not fearing failure is an important message for me to remember & to ensure I teach my own children. I’d love for you to join me in discussing failure positively & redefining vunerability as a quality we all need to embrace!

Currently, the Winning Losers Project is Instagram only, however expansion is planned for broader reach & greater promotion provided for inspirational people. I hope you can join me for the ride!


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