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Winning Losers Rosettes & The Forum of Failure

Awards for losers who aren’t afraid of failing.

What makes people competitive? 

What is the underlying psychological driver that makes people want to be compared against each other?

Does society encourage us to be competitive from the day we are born? 

It seems to be a trait encouraged throughout our lives. In head-to-head rivalry during school sports which become olympic in proportion, through advertising giving a means for an individual to benefit, and even that GPS ETA becomes a nemesis. 

Does our society really appreciate failure? 

Not fearing failure is a message that seems to be more important for me to remember, and to teach my own children. That’s how WINNING LOSERS came to be.

Fancy awards worthy of delaying a public, and personal, emotional breakdown. A little something to help you get over that last failure, until you’re ready for the next life challenge.  

  • 2 Tier box pleated satin ribbon, with satin ribbon tail.
  • Cardboard disc centre and pretty gold foil type telling you like it is.
  • Rosette size: 125 mm diameter, plus 100 mm tail.
  • Packaged size: 290 mm x 170 mm
  • Backing: Circular contrasting foil card, with ribbon hook & safety pin attached.
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

The WINNING LOSERS Rosettes will be available for purchase in selected retail shops in the very near future. 

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